ECLAC Digital Repository Terms of Use

The Digital Repository of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) (the "Repository") is an open access platform that disseminates the intellectual heritage of ECLAC. ECLAC grants permission to users to visit the Repository and use its content and related metadata pursuant to its Terms of Use. By using the Repository, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  1. Intellectual property and permission to reproduce

    ECLAC holds the copyright for all content and related metadata hosted in the Repository.

    Applications for authorization to reproduce this content in whole or in part should be sent to the Documents and Publications Division, Member States of the United Nations and their governmental institutions may reproduce this work without prior authorization but are requested to mention the source and to inform ECLAC of such reproduction.

  2. Use of the content of the Repository and associated metadata

    The content of the Repository may be accessed and downloaded freely.

    The associated metadata are also publicly available. If your institution or library wishes to harvest metadata, you must contact the Repository's administration at

  3. Referencing from external sites

    When referencing the content of the Repository from external sites, the metadata associated with the content must be used. Such metadata will redirect the user to the ECLAC website.

    Under no circumstances may content (such as content with extensions .pdf, .jpeg, .mpv4, .epub and others) be hosted locally on external websites.

  4. Citing content

    In citing content, the permanent link or URI indicated in the bibliography of the content should be used rather than the link that points directly to the digital file.

    For example,

    Horizontes 2030: la igualdad en el centro del desarrollo sostenible.

    Available through the Repository at

    Available on the ECLAC website at:


If you have questions regarding the Terms of Use of the Repository, please contact