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      Development Account project 12/13 AE: "Time for Equality: Strengthening the Institutional Framework of Social Policies" [1]
      Development Account Project 12/13 AF "Strengthening the Capacities of Latin America and Asia to Develop and Improve Labour Training Systems and to Protect Workers against Unemployment" [1]
      Development Account Project 12/13 AX "Social inclusion of youth within a context of increasing violence and insecurity through innovative programmes and evidence-based policies" [1]
      Development Account Project 14/15 AG. Strengthening the Technical Capacity of Public Finance Managers in Select Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to Manage their Public Finances [1]
      Development Account Project 14/15 AH Promoting inclusive finance through development banking innovation practices to support social, productive development and structural change with a particular focus on SMEs in Latin American countries [1]
      Development Account project 14/15 AI: Strengthening statistical capacities for building macroeconomic and sustainable development indicators in Latin American, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific countries [1]
      Development Account project 14/15 AJ: Logistics integration for a more sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 14/15 BD: Strengthening the capacity of Central American and Caribbean countries in the preparation of sustainable energy policies and strategies [1]
      Development Account Project 14/15 BG ROA 315-9 Promoting Equality: Strengthening the capacity of selected developing countries to design and implement equality-oriented public policies and programmes [1]
      Development Account project 16/17 Y : Big data for measuring and fostering the digital economy in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 16/17 Z: Addressing critical socio-environmental challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account project 1617 AA: input-output tables for industrial and trade policies in Central and South America [1]
      Development Account Project 18/19 AJ: Coordination, Coherence and Effectiveness for Implementing the Environmental Dimension of the 2030 Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 1819 AH: Regional Observatory on Sustainable Energy for Latin America and the Caribbean region [1]
      Development Account Project 1819 AI: Leaving no One Behind in Latin America and the Caribbean: Strengthening Institutions for Social Policy Coherence and Integration to Foster Equality [1]
      ECLAC-SIDA Technical Cooperation Programme 2007-2009: Enhancing economic and social conditions and opportunities of vulnerable groups in Latin America [1]
      Estudio de Fecundidad Mediante el Método de los Hijos Propios en Países de América Latina [1]
      Millennium Development Goals at ECLAC: Approach, coherence and working modalities at ECLAC in relation to the Millennium Development Goals [1]
      Programa Apoyo Solidario a los Mayores [1]
      Programa CECLA [2]