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      Development Account Project 06/07 AM Strengthening national capacities to design and implement sustainable energy policies for the production and use of biofuels in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 06/07 H. Implications of macroeconomic policy, external shocks and social protection systems for poverty, inequality and social vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 06/07G. Strengthening the capacity of Latin American and Caribbean countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by sharing information about successful initiatives through a regional network (IDEEA project) [1]
      Development Account project 08/09 AE: Understanding Potential Economic Impacts of Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 08/09 AO(6B) Strengthening the capacity of government officials to adapt to possible scenarios of disasters associated with extreme events: analysis for adaptation and disaster risk reduction policies [1]
      Development Account Project 08/09 C: "Enhancing Capacities to Eradicate Violence against Women through Networking of Local Knowledge Communities" [1]
      Development Account Project 08/09 Y Strengthening the capacity of local governments in Latin America to address critical issues arising from internationally agreed development goals [1]
      Development Account Project 08/09 Z Strengthening the capacity of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in the Caribbean small island developing States to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other Internationally Agreed Development Goals (IADGs) [1]
      Development Account Project 08/09A Strengthening national capacities to deal with international migration: maximizing development benefits and minimizing negative impact [1]
      Development Account project 10/11 AP: Strengthening the national capacities of export sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean to meet the challenges of climate change [1]
      Development Account project 10/11 AQ: Strengthening government and civil society capacity to incorporate economic and social rights into macroeconomic policy (DA project # 2290-ROA-196-7-B) [1]
      Development Account Project 10/11 F Improving quantification of women’s unpaid work in support of poverty eradication policies [1]
      Development Account Project 10/11 G. Improving the Management of Resources for the Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean [1]
      Development Account Project 10/11 H Strengthening statistical and inter-institutional capacities for monitoring the Millennium Development Goals through interregional cooperation and knowledge-sharing [1]
      Development Account Project 10/11AH Improving poverty measurement: building national statistical capacity in Caribbean countries to estimate purchasing power parities [1]
      Development Account Project 12/13 AC "Towards Productivity Convergence: Trade, Financing and Technology for Small-scale Enterprises" [1]
      Development Account project 12/13 AD: "Towards a low carbon economy in Latin America: policy options for energy efficiency and innovation" [1]
      Development Account project 12/13 AE: "Time for Equality: Strengthening the Institutional Framework of Social Policies" [1]
      Development Account Project 12/13 AF "Strengthening the Capacities of Latin America and Asia to Develop and Improve Labour Training Systems and to Protect Workers against Unemployment" [1]
      Development Account Project 12/13 AX "Social inclusion of youth within a context of increasing violence and insecurity through innovative programmes and evidence-based policies" [1]