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      National Advocacy Workshop on the Measurement of the Informal Sector and Informal Employment [2]
      National consultation on sustainable recovery and resilience towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Trinidad and Tobago. Virtual meeting [1]
      National Consultative Meeting to Develop a National Plan of Action for the Eradication of Poverty in Belize [1]
      National Training Workshop In The ECLAC Methodology For Estimating The Socioeconomic And Environmental Effects Of Disasters [1]
      National Training Workshop in the ECLAC Methodology to Assess the Macroeconomic and Social Impacts of Natural Disasters [3]
      National training workshop on capacity building for gender mainstreaming and the production and collection of reliable disaggregated data [1]
      National training workshop on capacity-building [1]
      National training workshop on capacity-building for the production of reliable disaggregated data [1]
      National training workshop on REDATAM [1]
      National Training Workshop on the development of REDATAM applications for the dissemination of the 2011 census data [1]
      National Workshop of Women in Development Planning [1]
      National workshop on REDATAM+SP xPlan and WebServer applications development [1]
      National Workshop on the Construction of Environmental Statistics and Indicators [1]
      Non Aligned Meeting of Experts on Small Island Developing Countries [1]
      NU. CEPAL. ILPES. Subcomité Técnico. Reunión [1]
      NU. CEPAL. Joint IMCO/UNCTAD/CEPAL proposal on shipping. [1]
      NU. CEPAL. Workshop on the application of socio-economic indicators to development planning in the Caribbean. [1]
      NU. Comisión sobre el Desarrollo Sostenible. Período de Sesiones [1]