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    • A new approach to development banking in Jamaica 

      Collister, Keith R. (2007-05)
      Abstract This document analyses development banking in Jamaica, identifying its weaknesses and proposes solutions to address its shortcomings. The first part of the document provides an overview of development banking in developing economies. The second part, "The Jamaican Experience of Development Banking" examines the modus operandi of all Jamaica's ...
    • Development banking in the Eastern Caribbean: the case of Saint Lucia and Grenada 

      Sandiford, Wayne (2007-05)
      Abstract Development Banks are part of the financial landscape of the Eastern Caribbean. In one form or another they have been in existence since the late 1960s and have played a not too insignificant role in the financing of small and medium size enterprises in the economies.[1] Development Banks emerged in the Eastern Caribbean as a post-colonial ...
    • New directions for development banking in the Caribbean: financing to take advantage of unlimited supplies of labour skills and entrepreneurship 

      James, Vanus (2007-05)
      Abstract In the early 1980s, within the wider structural adjustment and liberalisation framework, financial sector reform were initiated to allow greater facility of market forces in the pricing and allocation of financial resources. The sector has been increasingly liberalised since then with subsequent on-going reform addressing the legislative ...