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    • From hard-peg to hard landing?: recent experiences of Argentina and Ecuador 

      Calcagno, Alfredo Fernando | Manuelito, Sandra | Titelman Kardonsky, Daniel (2003-01)
      Abstract Based on the analysis of the Argentinean currency board and the full dollarization scheme in Ecuador this paper argues that an intermediate exchange rate regime (compared to free floating or hard peg) will be a better option for countries subject to external financial shocks and a worldwide export and import structure. It shows that ...
    • Regional integration and the issue of choosing an appropriate exchange-rate regime in Latin America 

      Escaith, Hubert | Ghymers, Christian | Studart, Rogério (2002-08)
      Abstract Behind the discussion on optimal exchange-rate regimes lies the need to achieve external and internal equilibrium, and thus create an appropriate macroeconomic climate for sustained growth and development. The optimality and feasibility of exchange-rate regimes in individual Latin American and Caribbean countries must take into consideration ...