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      Seminar on Methodology and Data Collection in Mortality Studies [1]
      Seminar on Population and Development for Family Planners [1]
      Seminar on Poverty Statistics [95]
      Seminar on Project Data Bank and Public Sector Investment Programming [34]
      Seminar on science, technology and innovation for sustainable development – exploring innovation in transactions and financing in the Caribbean [1]
      Seminar on sustainable development and disaster risk management: financing and planning for disaster risk management in the Caribbean Small Island Developing States. [1]
      Seminar on Technology and Long Term Economic Growth Prospects [1]
      Seminar on the Course of Fertility Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa [1]
      Seminar on the Demographic Consequences of Structural Adjustment in Latin America [1]
      Seminar on the Economic and Social Impact or Privatization in Latin America [1]
      Seminar on the Evolution of the Central American Economy since the Postwar Period [1]
      Seminar on the Fiscal Covenant: Strengths, Weaknesses and Challenges [12]
      Seminar on the Role of the Central Bank under Dollarization [2]
      Seminar on the Social Vulnerability Index [1]
      Seminar on the Transformation of Industrialization Policies in Small Latin America Countries [1]
      Seminar on Trade and Industrial Policies in East Asia and Latin America under the New Trading System [11]
      Seminar on Water Supply and Sanitation for Low-Income Populations in Rural and Periurban Areas [1]
      Seminar on Women and the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade [1]
      Seminar/Workshop on Science and Technology Planning in the Caribbean: Methods and Options [2]
      Seminar/Workshop on Technology Transfer [1]